City Releases Proposed 5 year Financial Plan Report and Budget Presentation

March 02, 2018

As part of the annual municipal budget process, the City prepares a Financial Plan that forecasts revenues, expenditures, debt projections, and other financial information for the following 5 year period. The presentation to Council and newly created Proposed 5-Year Financial Plan document have been prepared to inform the public consultation process. Public consultation meetings will be held at the Regular Council Meetings scheduled for March 12th and 26th, where the community is invited to provide feedback on the Proposed 5-Year Financial Plan. The 5-Year Financial Plan is not adopted until the public consultation is complete, final assessment numbers are available from the BC Assessment Authority, and the Plan is included in a Bylaw for Council consideration. 


The Report, which details Council priorities, financial challenges for the municipality, an organizational overview, financial policies and framework, an explanation of revenues and expenditures, long term debt projections, as well as the 5-year financial plan schedules, is available below. The Report will also be made available at the Public Library, City Hall, and Recreation Complex.


Proposed 5-Year Financial Plan Report - 2018-2022


Finance staff prepared a budget presentation for the February 26th meeting of Council, which provided an overview of the anticipated 2018 budget, available below.


2018 Budget Presentation - February 26th Council Meeting