City Initiates Clean Up of Tank Site at Moresby

October 09, 2015

PRINCE RUPERT, BC – OCTOBER 8th, 2015 -- During the City’s routine inspection of the bunker sea oil tanks located in Moresby Park, it was noted that a small amount of contaminated rainwater had escaped from a minor tear in a tank caused by a fallen tree. This release was immediately caught and contained prior to any environmental impact.


The Ministry of Environment and Department of Fisheries and Oceans have been notified of the incident, and the City will be working in concert with other levels of Government to co-manage the eventual remediation of this site.


As a next step, the City will be seeking proposals from qualified contractors through a competitive procurement process for decommissioning of this tank as well as several other tanks located in Moresby Park.


“It’s time to take action,” stated Mayor Lee Brain. “These tanks have been here since WWII. It’s time for us to get on top of these longstanding issues in the community.”


These tanks of bunker sea oil are a relic of WWII, when the United States Department of National Defense (DND) used Prince Rupert as a military outpost. The land was expropriated by the Government of Canada at the time, and then used as a Naval development for storing bunker sea oil. In the 1970s, the City bought back the properties used by DND, including all previously-existing infrastructure located on those sites.



Veronika Stewart
Communications Manager, City of Prince Rupert
(250) 627 0976



City Initiates Clean Up of Tank Site at Moresby