Redesign Rupert 2030 Presentation this Thursday Evening

Tue, December 10, 2019

Redesign Rupert and its partners are ready to share a new vision for the next decade of growth and development with the community on December 12th, 2019. In partnership with the City of Prince Rupert, Community Futures, the Prince Rupert Port Authority, DP World, Ray-Mont Logistics, and Ridley Terminals Inc., Redesign Rupert is excited to announce the unveiling of Prince Rupert 2030, a new vision for the next decade of community growth and development in Prince Rupert. The Prince Rupert 2030 Vision will be unveiled on December 12th, 2019, at the Lester Centre of the Arts. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., with the presentation starting at 7:00 p.m.

The Prince Rupert 2030 Vision is the culmination of 18 different community engagement events in 2016-17 and two creative workshops in 2019, as well as a collaborative year of working with all project partners and the broader community to research and understand the biggest challenges facing residents of Prince Rupert. The Vision includes strategies and ideas to address some of the most important facets of life in Prince Rupert, including housing, social infrastructure, urban design, parks & recreation, environment & wilderness, downtown revitalization & retail, placemaking, and workforce recruitment.

Redesign Rupert partnered with accomplished city planner Larry Beasley to develop the vision. Larry is the Founding Principal at Beasley & Associates, and has held the positions of Chief City Planner for the City of Vancouver; Chair of the National Advisory Committee on Planning, Design, and Realty of Ottawa’s National Capital Commission; founder of the Urban Planning Council in the Middle East, which led to the design of cities including Abu Dhabi; and distinguished Professor of Planning at UBC.

“It’s been an inspiring process to be a part of, and I want to thank our port partners, community groups, regional First Nations, and Larry Beasley’s design team for coming together to make this an all-encompassing community vision to work towards over the next decade. For our part as a City, the implementation of new policies and development incentives will be key to kick starting revitalization in areas such as the downtown, waterfront, housing, and more. That will only happen through ongoing community partnership and public engagement in the coming years to solidify the ideas and designs presented with the broader community.” - Mayor Lee Brain, City of Prince Rupert

“Prince Rupert is experiencing one of the most significant transitions in its history; it is quickly becoming a port city and one of the major players in trans-Pacific trade. With unprecedented economic growth in front of us, DP World sees the opportunity to accelerate the growth of the community and, at the same time, transition Prince Rupert to one of the most livable cities on the West Coast of North America.” - Maksim Mihic, General Manager DP World (Canada) Inc.
“The Prince Rupert Port Authority is proud to be a partner in the Redesign Rupert work to establish the Prince Rupert 2030 Vision. As the Port of Prince Rupert continues to grow, with plans to double traffic, and the resulting economic activity associated with the Port industry through the next decade, together we are in a very unique position to develop a vision for the community that contributes to its livability, vitality, and sustainability for the future. We are grateful for the work Redesign Rupert has done in collaborating with port partners, community organizations, and the City of Prince Rupert to work with a highly-skilled planning agency to guide us through this exercise.” - Shaun Stevenson, President and CEO, Prince Rupert Port Authority.

“Ridley Terminals Inc is proud to contribute to Redesign Rupert, which has allowed for an innovative and collaborative effort for many sectors of the community to develop a vision for Prince Rupert. This initiative is important as we would like to see the community prosper. As an industry leader in the region, we have a long history of contributing to community initiatives and will continue to do so well into the future. The development of Prince Rupert is key to the success of RTI as we look to attract and retain employees for our organization.” - Marc Dulude, CEO, Ridley Terminals Inc.

“As an innovative company with innovation as a core value, Ray-Mont is proud to contribute to the creative initiative that is Redesign Rupert. Ray-Mont Logistics' development is closely aligned with the city of Prince Rupert's interest and vision, as we have the ambition to pursue our growth there for many years to come. We are thus active in ensuring the development is done harmoniously with the community that has been welcoming us for 3 years now.” - Charles Raymond, president and CEO, Ray-Mont Logistics.

“Community Futures is a proud partner of the Redesign Rupert project. We have all been building to this moment for the last five years. This 2030 Vision puts us at the intersection of our dreams to create a thriving community and our place in the world as global traders. And, it gives us the tools to allow this new future to unfold." - John Farrell, General Manager, Community Futures.

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