The role of our department is to plan for and oversee the maintenance and renewal of our public works infrastructure including:

  • The municipal roads and street network, including street lights, traffic signs, bridges, sidewalks and pathways
  • The potable water supply and distribution system
  • Liquid waste management
  • Solid waste collection and disposal
  • City parks and playgrounds
  • The Fairview Cemetery


We are also actively involved with:

  • Implementation of the Annual Capital Improvement Program (i.e. road paving and other Public Works capital expenditure projects).
  • Participation in the activities of the City land and property development team to ensure that new developments, from small in-fill projects to larger subdivisions, are constructed to City Standards using good engineering practice.
  • Liaison with and engineering support to numerous government agencies, business interests, and various local service group and individuals.
  • Regulation of all activities on City streets, boulevards, park land, and road & lane