Re:Design Rupert



It is the goal of City Council to create a process to build a culture of civic participation in our city. Redesign Rupert began in 2016, led by the Community Development Institute, based at the University of Northern B.C. CDI led several widescale community engagements to generate a list of community priorities, which included participation from a wide range of local partner organizations. Their findings are below: 

Redesign Rupert Recharge - Final Report

The City’s goal with the Redesign program is to use information collected during public engagements to develop community-driven public priorities and policies relating to land use, recreation and socioeconomic development. 

In Fall/Winter of 2016, the City contracted a design firm to conduct a public engagement to reimagine the City's downtown and waterfront. The final 17-foot long map was revealed in February of 2017, providing a vision of the future development of shared public areas. Some of the map’s highlights are the development of a ‘waterfont village’ and park space at Seal Cove, a ‘festival square’ in front of and adjacent to City Hall, improved pedestrian access and view corridors between downtown and the waterfront, and the creation of a new waterfront landing in the Kwinitsa area – including a potential new airport ferry dock. Over their 4-day intensive process to create the designs the 4-person design team, led by the Planning Partnership, held over 20 meetings, including three public presentations. A presentation of the designs and a graphic of the 17 foot map are linked below. 

Presentation - Downtown and Waterfront Designs 
Full Map - Downtown and Waterfront Designs