Dog Park Officially Opened

Thu, October 4, 2018

OCTOBER 4th, 2018 – PRINCE RUPERT, B.C. – The City’s new fenced off-leash dog area at Mckay Street park is now officially open to residents and their canine companions.

“We are happy to be able to provide a new area for dog-owners to come with their pets,” said Mayor Lee Brain. “We’ve seen park transform over the last year. Where there used to just be fenced in alder trees, there’s now a new playground and dog park. It’s a much safer and more welcoming space for the community to enjoy, which we know was a concern for residents in this area.”

The dog park features a number of amenities, namely, a small fenced enclosure at the entrance to the park that will enable safe leashing and unleashing of pets. In addition, City staff can be credited with reducing costs by making creative use of de-commissioned items from the Public Works yard, upcycling materials to make the area more interactive. These items include industrially sized tires, a decommissioned fire hydrant, and a ramp to encourage play and exercise.

In the interests of public safety, there are also several rules in place to govern the off-leash area. Owners are responsible to dispose of waste, no minors under the age of 16 are permitted without supervision, and dogs must be in the care and control of a competent adult at all times. A complete list of dog park rules is affixed at the entrance to the park, and the City will be directing bylaw enforcement to monitor the park for bylaw infractions.

To reduce impact to taxpayers, costs associated with the dog park area development were funded in whole by Prince Rupert Legacy Inc. The City would also like to thank Empire Tree Services for their in-kind work to cut down the alder trees in the area before it was redeveloped.


Plans for this off-leash area were announced in the spring in order to replace the off-leash area removed when youth baseball was reinstated at Doug Kerr field. The original park plans for Mckay Street commissioned by the Mckay Street working group had located the dog park at the back of the park. However it was apparent after the playground was installed, that there was insufficient room to place the dog park in the area originally planned due to space, soil and slope conditions. The volunteer fundraisers that make up the Mckay Street working group have identified that they hope to continue to work with the City, and to pursue grant and funding opportunities to see additional components of the design implemented over time.

Park Location Before:

before dog park.png

Park Location After:



Mayor Lee Brain pictured above at entrance to park with "Mayor's Best Friend"


Veronika Stewart, Communications Manager

City of Prince Rupert

Office: 250-627-0939