Council Corner Update - November 23rd, 2020

Wed, November 25, 2020

Missed Monday’s Council Meeting? See below for a summary of the main items discussed. For past Council Meeting summaries, check out our Council Archive.

  • At the Committee of the Whole, the Corporate Administrator read aloud a comment from resident Terry Sawka expressing concern regarding the regulation of cannabis grow ups in the downtown core. 
  • Council passed the 2021 proposed schedule of Capital Works and Purchases as presented by staff. Proposed capital works for 2021 include the continuation of construction on the Woodworth Lake Dam, water treatment value engineering and detailed designs, the continuation of the City’s liquid waste management plan - including areas that will be repaired in 2021, the completion and activation of a new landfill cell – funded through debt to be repaid by existing landfill fees, and retaining the increased investment made in 2020 in paving/sidewalk improvements (which was a 50% increase from 2019). 
  • Council approved borrowing of $850,000 for the City to purchase key pieces of heavy equipment. 
  • Council approved the recommendation of staff to award the Airport Public Transportation contract to PW Transit Canada Ltd, who will replace the outgoing service provider for the airport ferry bus. 
  • Council approved the Water Utility Management, Sanitary and Storm Sewer Management and Solid Waste Management Amendment Bylaws. This approval included the updating of fees as originally presented at the previous meeting, where the bylaws were tabled to seek additional clarification. The Amendment Bylaws put into place the following incremental increases to the utility fees over the next 4 years to account for inflationary costs.
    • Solid waste - 2% increase in each year starting in 2021
    • Water - 4% increase in 2021, 2% thereafter for the remaining three years
    • Sanitary/Sewer - 0% increase in 2021, 2% thereafter for the remaining three years
  • These increases are less than the previous rate increases of 3% per year, which was implemented during the last adoption of four-year fee bylaws. Utilities are self-funding for operations, with all funds collected going towards the operating cost of the respective utility.
  • Council also voted to give First, Second and Third Reading to a new Cemetery Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw, which will see an increase of  2% and a minor adjustment to the care fund which helps to maintain the memorials. New columbaria are also planned to be installed in 2021, and the fees reflect new options that will be available with this change.  
  • Council gave First and Second reading to the Downtown Core Revitalization Tax Exemption Program Bylaw No. 3466, 2020. This Bylaw has been proposed to encourage both residential and commercial development downtown, with the proposed provisions now under review.
  • Council received a report regarding a proposed Zoning Bylaw Amendment for several City-owned properties on 11th Avenue East between Alexandra Place and Edward Avenue, with the request to rezone the property from R2-RM2.  Council introduced and gave First Reading to the proposed Zoning Amendment Bylaw and instructed the applicant, in accordance with Ministerial Order 139, to distribute an information package and modify the requirement for Community Information Session, conducted via amended protocols relating to COVID-19, and that Council will consider a height variance as a part of the proposed Zoning Amendment. 

  • The Mayor provided an update on the City’s ongoing renewal of the Official Community Plan. First Reading as well as a Public Hearing on the OCP has been delayed  for the time being due to concerns regarding adequate capacity for public hearing given current COVID precautions. For more information on the project, including the latest proposed draft of the OCP, go to: