Property Tax Information

The City of Prince Rupert collects property taxes each year on behalf of several taxation authorities.
Property taxes are collected separately from utility fees, which are levied in March of each year.
Property taxes are calculated each year based on the BC Assessment value of each individual property. The City takes in information provided by BC Assessment about changes to overall property values, and adjusts the property tax rates according to the average increase or decrease in values according to property type. Generally speaking, if your property assessment decreased more than the average homeowner, your taxes are likely to decrease. If the BC assessment value of your home increased more than the average owner in Prince Rupert, your taxes may also increase.  Taxes may also increase in relation to the average value of property depending on the inflationary increases experienced by the City with respect to mandated services and community driven services.
BC Assessment provides property assessments at the start of each calendar year. If you would like to dispute the valuation of your home or property, please contact BC Assessment directly. All disputes must be initiated prior to the end of January. Contact information and resources are provided below. 

• Toll-Free Number: 1-866-valueBC (825-8322) 
• Outside North America Number: 604-739-8588 
• Fax Number: 1-855-995-6209 
• Online Contact Form: 
BC Assessment’s website (including assessment search and comparison tool)
BC Assessment’s YouTube channel
Property Assessments and Property Taxes: A not-so complicated relationship
The Property Tax Equation
BC Assessment Interactive Market Trend Maps

Want to know more about how the City calculates property taxes? Check out the video below for a simple explanation of how the City determines the property tax rates each year.


Property Tax Deadlines
Property tax due date: July 3, 2018
Property owners are responsible for payment of property taxes regardless of whether or not a notice is received. Property Tax invoices for 2018 will be mailed out by the end of May.  If you do not receive one, please contact Finance at 250-627-0946.
Payment must be received before the deadline – postmark is not valid as a date of payment.
If you are a new owner, ensure taxes are paid on your property.  Contact 250-627-0946 if there is any doubt.
Methods of Payment
In Person at City Hall or by Mail
Payments by cash, cheque (including post dated cheques), debit or money order can be made during business hours, 9:30am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Cheques can be mailed or dropped off after hours in the drop box.  All must be received before 4:30pm on July 3, 2018.  Post marks are not accepted as date of payment.
Mailing address:
City of Prince Rupert
424 3rd Avenue West
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L7
Online Banking Payments
Add Prince Rupert as a bill payee and your roll number (without the decimal).  Payment must be made 4 – 5 business days before the due date to allow for processing.
Payment at banks are not accepted
Pre-Authorized Payments
Have monthly pre-authorized payments automatically debited from your account. Contact City Hall to apply: (250) 627-0964.
Penalty & Interest
A 10% penalty will be added to current year taxes on all taxes owing after July 3, 2018.
Daily interest rates are set by the Province each quarter and applied directly to the outstanding arrears and delinquent property tax balances.
Note: Penalties and interest cannot be waived by any municipality in accordance with the Community Charter
Access your Property Tax Information
You can access your property tax information by using our online application or by contacting the City’s Finance Department.
You can access your property assessment through this online application.
To talk to our Finance Department, please contact:
City of Prince Rupert
Roll Inquiries
424 3rd Ave West
Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1L7
Tel: (250) 627-0950
Fax: (250) 627-0979
Office Hours: 9:30am – 4:30pm (Monday – Friday)
Closed on weekends and all Statutory Holidays
Home Owner Grant
The Home Owner Grant reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence and must be claimed yearly. If you are eligible to claim the Home Owner Grant, please ensure that the application on the bottom of the tax notice is completed and returned to City Hall, or claimed online before the deadline. An unclaimed Home Owner Grant is considered to be outstanding taxes.  To avoid penalties, submit your completed grant application before July 3, 2018.  If you miss claiming by the penalty free date, the grant may still be claimed for the current year until December 31, 2018.
You must complete the Home Owner Grant even if your financial institution is remitting property taxes on your behalf.
The basic grant amount is $770.00.  Individuals who are 65 or older, and certain veterans and persons with disabilities may qualify for an additional $275.00 grant.
The Home Owner Grant Program began in 1957 by the Surveyor of Taxes office of British Columbia. The program is used to lighten the tax burden on each year’s property taxes.
Two types of Home Owner Grants are available:
The Regular Grant or $770.00 (for owners under 65 years old), and
The Additional Grant of up to $1045.00 (for owners over 65 or owners with disabilities)
You may claim the regular grant if your property taxes are at least $350. You may claim the additional grant if your property taxes are at least $100. However, you cannot claim both at the same time. Your grant cannot reduce your net payment below these amounts.
To receive the grant, both the owner and the property must meet the qualification requirements.
If you are away during the regular application period, you can submit an Early Home Owner Grant Application available per request at City Hall.
Home Owner Grant must be claimed before Property Tax payment deadline or interest penalty will be accured.
For more information regarding the Home Owner Grant, please visit the BC Ministry of Small Business and Revenue or call City Hall: (250) 627-0964.
Office Hours: 9:30am – 4:30pm (Monday – Friday)
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and all Statutory Holidays
Apply for the Home Owner Grant Online:
You can apply your home owner grant through this online application.
Tax Deferment
A homeowner 55 years or over, a widow/widower, persons with disabilities as defined in the Disability Benefits Program Act, or families with children under 18 years of age may be able to defer their taxes on their principal residence through a Provincial government program.  For more information on how to Defer Your Taxes please see the Province of BC website (link to external website) or contact City Hall at 250-627-0964.
Tax Information Sheet
For more information, check out the Ministry of Finance’s Tax Information Sheet


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