Fairview Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery:

Prince Rupert's Fairview cemetery is located at the base of Mount Hays, which is on the West end of the City. 
For bylaws on the cemetery, please visit the city bylaws and policies page.

For general information on cemetery procedures and options, please see our Cemetery Brochure.
For information on adornment procedures see the following: Fairview Cemetery Adornment Procedures.
Prince Rupert Fairview Cemetery
Hours of Operation: 8:00am – 4:30pm Mon to Fri
Cemetery Office Tel: (250) 624 -6031
For rates and other information, please contact:

City of Prince Rupert
Engineering Department   
424 3rd Ave West
Prince Rupert, BC
Canada V8J 1L7

Cemetery Database Search:


You can search our Fairveiw Cemetery database to look up the buried: Cemetery Database Search.