Licences & Permits

For any information regarding pet and/or special events licences, please utilize the links below, or the navigation on the left-hand side. 

Building Permits
Building permits are required for all renovations, construction projects and structural work.
Development Permits

Contains information and application packages for Development Permits, which include major signs, Development Variance Permits, and Minor Works/Minor Sign Permits. 

Business Licencing

Contains information for those who intend to set up a business or a trade in the City of Prince Rupert.

Pet Licences

If you are a resident of Prince Rupert and a dog owner, you need to license your dog. Licences help us return lost pets to their owners. Licence fees are used to provide amenities for dogs as well as a safe and healthy impound lot.

Sidewalk Patio Permit

Under City policy on sidewalks and patios, restaurant or cafe operators may encroach onto or occupy public sidewalks directly adjacent to the restaurant’s property to extend seating capacity of an outdoor area.

Special Events Permits

If you are holding an event such as a race, marathon or a parade which uses City roads or property, a Special Events Permit from the Engineering Department of City Hall is required. There are three types of Special Event permits: Parade Permit, Parking Lot Closure Permit and Sidewalk Closure Permit.

Commercial Vehicle Licence

If you require a commercial vehicle licence for your work vehicles, the application for such a licence can be found here.

Plumbing Permit

This page contains information relevant to plumbing permits and plumbing permit applications.