City Seeks Nominations for Civic Recognition Awards

May 10, 2016

The City would like to recognize outstanding citizens in our community who have made a tangible difference through actions which demonstrate strong principles and commitment to the public good.


Awards Nomination Form


Civic Recognition



Below is a list of awards that the City currently presents and a description of why they are presented.


“Freedom of the City” Represents the highest honour that the City can bestow on an individual or unit of the armed forces of Canada or another nation, in accordance with Section 158 of the Community Charter. 

Criteria for Freedom of the City


“Civic Merit Award” Represents an award bestowed on an individual who has brought distinction to the community through their outstanding achievements in one or more of the following areas: business and entrepreneurship, arts and entertainment, science and academics, health and education, sports and youth leadership and volunteer and community service. 

Criteria for Civic Merit Award


“Civic Appreciation Award” Represents the expression of appreciation to an individual and/or group for their services and/or contributions that have benefited the community.

Criteria for Civic Appreciation Award


“Certificate of Appreciation” Represents the expression of appreciation to an individual for their contribution to a Council established committee or task force to which they have been appointed.

Criteria for Certificate of Appreciation


“Appreciation Pin” Represents the expression of appreciation to an individual who has volunteered for a committe.

Criteria for Appreciation Pin


“Achievement Award” Represents an award given to an individual, team or group of persons, who achieve Provincial, National or International honours in various areas of endeavour, or perform a noteworthy deed. 

Criteria for Achievement Award


“Sgt. William Booth Award for Valour” Represents an award presented to an individual who, acting on their own initiative or as members of volunteer organizations, demonstrate unusual humanitarian effort in order to help and protect their fellow citizens, sometimes placing themselves at great personal risk. 

Criteria for Sgt. William Booth Award for Valour


Please note that only nominations that have been submitted on the nomination form will be considered for the award. All nominations must be received by 4:30 pm on June 10th, 2016.


Forms are available on our website or in Administration at City Hall located at: 

424-3rd Avenue West,

Prince Rupert, BC

V8J 1L7

Ph: 250-627-0934



City Seeks Nominations for Civic Recognition Awards