Mayor and Council Head to UBCM Conference

September 22, 2017

PRINCE RUPERT, BC – Prince Rupert Mayor and Council are headed to the Union of BC Municipalities Conference next week to advocate for issues of particular concern to Prince Rupert. At the top of their agenda will be advocating for the Province to ensure our municipality benefits from local port growth, for assistance in addressing the community’s $290 million infrastructure deficit, and for improved regional transportation, including and especially the Prince Rupert Airport Ferry service and associated infrastructure.


“UBCM is an opportunity for us to bring our unique concerns before the new government,” said Mayor Lee Brain. “Our Port is now a preferred trade gateway and a real asset for BC and for Canada. We are looking to senior levels of Government to ensure that our municipality can keep up with servicing our community as it grows alongside the port.”


Mayor Lee Brain, Councillor Barry Cunningham, Councillor Gurvinder Randhawa, and Councillor Blair Mirau as well as the City Manager, Corporate Administrator, and Chief Financial Officer form the Prince Rupert delegation that will be attending the conference. The City’s Senior Management team will have additional staff to staff provincial meetings to attend on behalf of the City in advancing the issues noted below.


Other issues that will be discussed include the need for expansion of the Prince Rupert landfill, future requirements with respect to wastewater treatment, a request for a policy of adjacency to be considered for the fishing industry in BC, as well as advocacy for improved transportation linkages between Prince Rupert, the Prince Rupert Airport, and neighbouring First Nations communities.




Veronika Stewart

Communications Manager, City of Prince Rupert

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Press Release - Mayor and Council Head to UBCM Conference