Waterfront and Downtown Designs Unveiled

February 23, 2017

FEBRUARY 23rd, 2017 - PRINCE RUPERT, BC –  A 17 foot long map detailing the potential of major public spaces in Prince Rupert is the final product of the City’s public engagement in late November with the Planning Partnership. The map highlights ten major design concepts that will help enliven Prince Rupert’s public spaces – including Seal Cove, the waterfront, and downtown.


 “Taking the time to plan ahead for our waterfront and downtown is a step towards securing future funding opportunities,” said Mayor Lee Brain. “It’s also intended to inspire developers, community groups, and residents about available and attractive areas for potential investment and development.”


Some of the map’s highlights are the development of a ‘waterfont village’ and park space at Seal Cove, a ‘festival square’ in front of and adjacent to City Hall, improved pedestrian access and view corridors between downtown and the waterfront, and the creation of a new waterfront landing in the Kwinitsa area – including a potential new airport ferry dock. Over their 4-day intensive process to create the designs the 4-person design team, led by the Planning Partnership, held over 20 meetings, including three public presentations.


“It was an honour and a privilege to work in Prince Rupert. We were in awe of the majestic landscape that surrounds Prince Rupert and the breathtaking views, and are excited about the opportunities to reconnect downtown to the waterfront and to your stunning context,” said Donna Hinde, lead architect at the Planning Partnership. “We loved working with the community - full of passionate people with fantastic ideas and deep roots in Prince Rupert. We have no doubt that everyone in Prince Rupert will soon be doing their part  to help bring the vision to life.  This project was truly a highlight of our careers.”


The map represents a long term vision for downtown and waterfront renewal, and will take time and financing to achieve. However, there are already a few initiatives underway that are captured in the designs. The Kaien Island Trail Enhancement Society is currently working on the redevelopment of Rushbrook trail; there will be significant paving improvements along 3rd and 2nd Avenues in 2017; the public breakwater at Cow Bay is looking at diversifying potential public uses; and, an area adjacent to the slough in Seal Cove has been cleared to explore the possibility of a park development.




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Communications Manager, City of Prince Rupert

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See below for Full Release, and Map Imagery

Press Release - Waterfront and Downtown Designs Unveiled

Presentation of Design Concepts

17 Foot Map Conceptual Design for Waterfront and Downtown