City Makes Airport Board Appointments

April 21, 2017

PRINCE RUPERT, BC - Prince Rupert Mayor and Council have elected several new representatives to the board of the Prince Rupert Airport Authority. This step was taken as a means of improving coordination between the Airport, ferry and bus service, and to increase accountability for airport operations.


 “These changes were made to improve communication and organizational coherence between the airport, and the ferry and the bus service that bring passengers to the airport,” said Mayor Lee Brain. “Disconnection in the chain of transportation services has caused multiple logistical issues over the years, including lengthy delays at the Airport and a lack of communication between all three providers. We saw these appointments as a way to close this communication gap.”


Paul Vendittelli, the Manager of Transportation and Economic Development at the City of Prince Rupert, has been appointed as Board Chair to assist in improving coordination between the Airport and the Airport Ferry and bus that service it, which he oversees at his role at the City. Mr. Vendittelli has 14 years of experience in the aviation industry, and has been integral in attracting Prince Rupert’s newest airline service provider, Misty Fjords, which will be providing weekly flights between Prince Rupert and Ketchikan, Alaska.


A second appointee was the City’s Director of Operations, Richard Pucci, who sits on the Provincial steering committee for the Prince Rupert & Area Corridor Analysis (PRACA, formerly known as the Tsimshian Access Project), which is analyzing new access potentials to connect Prince Rupert, Lax Kw’alaams, Metlakatla and the Airport by road. Mr. Pucci was appointed due to his strategic knowledge with respect to PRACA, as well as significant experience overseeing major infrastructure projects at the City.


The City’s Corporate Administrator, Rory Mandryk, was also appointed to the Board. With over 30 years specializing in human resources, and board governance, his experience was considered a significant asset in providing administrative support to the Board.


Lastly, the City appointed Cody Smith, Director of Business Development at Quickload Logistics, to the Airport Society board. Mr. Smith has extensive experience in aircraft maintenance engineering, airside operations and accreditation as an aeronautical examiner.


The Airport Authority is a City-appointed board that manages the Airport (a community asset), on behalf of the City. Appointments to the Board are for 2 year terms, and are unpaid positions.


“Over the last couple years, we’ve implemented new initiatives to improve the Airport experience. We created a new a shuttle center, acquired new and improved buses and helped organize the grand opening of the new Airport terminal,” said Mayor Lee Brain. “We’re looking forward to continuing to see improvements at the airport, so that residents can access an efficient travel option.”


These appointments replaced four board members whose positions had come up for reappointment, and will serve alongside the board members whose terms are continuing – including Don Scott, Gloria Rendell, Kelly Sawchuk, and Knut Bjorndal. The City would like to extend thanks to the past Airport Authority Board members for their years of service to the community.




Veronika Stewart

Communications Manager, City of Prince Rupert

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Press Release - City Makes Airport Board Appointments