Mayor Lee Brain

Executive Assistant

Lee Brain is currently the Mayor of Prince Rupert and is a fourth-generation “Rupertite”. Raised in Prince Rupert, he spent his time working with at-risk youth, as well as getting, involved in the community through volunteering on First Nations issues, arts, sustainability and facilitated group development. 

Lee attended Simon Fraser University from 2003-2009, focusing his studies in Developmental Psychology, Sustainable Community Development and Dialogue. He studied various governing systems and different methods of group development and also holds a Certificate in Innovative Leadership. Lee has over five years of professional facilitation experience and training, along with extensive experience in conflict resolution and mediation.

As a hands on learner, Lee met with a variety of local governments in international cities analyzing innovative 21st Century community models. Lee also spent a month on one of the world's largest oil refineries in India in 2009. There he learned the many processes involved in global oil operations – knowledge that will be important to a Province facing potential hyper-economic activity.

Lee enables healthy and positive people interactions by using root cause analysis to identify innovative solutions to common group/organizational problems. Lee’s facilitation experience combined with his passion, energy and enthusiasm would be an ideal asset for any group seeking to become more effective, innovative and engaged.