Engineering & Public Works

Customer Service Contacts:


Public Works
Water/Sewer/ Roads/Parks: (250) 624-6795
Garbage Collection/Landfill: (250) 624-5482
Streetlight Repair Reporting: (250) 627-0988
General Office Line: (250) 627-0950
  • Cemetery Arrangements
  • Permits (City Property)
  • Blasting Permits 
Emergency Lines
After Hours: (250) 624-3000
Weekends: (250) 624-1037 (or 624-3000)

Management Contact Information:


City of Prince Rupert
Engineering Department
City Hall
424 - 3rd Ave West
Prince Rupert, BC
Phone: 250-627-0950
Office Hours: 9:30am – 4:30pm Mon to Fri
CLOSED on weekends and all Statutory Holidays
Richard Pucci, Director of Operations

Guneet Uppal, Engineering Project Coordinator 
City of Prince Rupert
Public Works Department
221 Wantage Rd
Prince Rupert, BC
Phone: 250-624-6795
Office Hours: 7:30am – 4:30pm Monday - Friday
Closed on Saturday, Sunday, and all Statutory Holidays
Garin Gardiner, Operations Manager 
Tanya Ostrom, Operations Manager 
Tim Todd, Assistant Operations Manager

About Engineering & Public Works:


The role of our department is to plan for and oversee the maintenance and renewal of our public works infrastructure including:
  • The municipal roads and street network, including street lights, traffic signs, bridges, sidewalks and pathways
  • The potable water supply and distribution system
  • Liquid waste management
  • Solid waste collection and disposal
  • City parks and playgrounds
  • The Fairview Cemetery
We are also actively involved with:
  • Implementation of the Annual Capital Improvement Program (i.e. road paving and other Public Works capital expenditure projects).
  • Participation in the activities of the City land and property development team to ensure that new developments, from small in-fill projects to larger subdivisions, are constructed to City Standards using good engineering practice.
  • Liaison with and engineering support to numerous government agencies, business interests, and various local service group and individuals. 
  • Regulation of all activities on City streets, boulevards, park land, and road & lane allowances.