Zoning is a Bylaw to regulate the location and use of land including the surface of water within the City of Prince Rupert and for that purpose to divide the city into zones pursuant to the provisions of the Municipal Act. 
The purpose of zoning is to have the due regard to
  • The promotion of health, safety, and convenience of land and the preservation of the amenities peculiar to any zone
  • The securing of adequate light, air and access
  • The value of the land
  • The nature of its present and prospective use and occupancy
  • The character of the buildings already erected
  • The peculiar suitability of the zone for particular use and
  • The conservation of property values
The Need for Rezoning:
When a property owner wants to use land in a way that is not permitted by the zoning of his or her property, the owner must request to rezone the property to a classification which permits the desired use. A rezoning is an action which is considered through a complex process requiring the amendment of the Official Community Plan and/or the Zoning Bylaws.
Process Overview:
Application forms must be completed by the owner of the land or by his duly authorized agent. One copy of this application must be returned to City Hall and should be accompanied by application fees, State of Title Certificate, a site plan, and a “site profile”. 

Site Signage 
The applicant is required to post a billboard in a prominent location on the site stating that it is the subject of an application for rezoning, and that further information regarding this application can be obtained at City Hall. 
Download the signage details here

Staff Review 
City Staff then reviews the application to ensure it is complete in all respects. If necessary, the applicant or his representative will be contacted if further information is required. Staff will then prepare a report and copy of the application with recommendations to council. 

Consideration by Council 
Upon receipt of the report from staff, Council can agree to give further consideration to the application or it can reject the application. If after the reviews, Council agrees to continue the process, the matter goes to a Public Hearing, and the appropriate amending Bylaws are prepared. 

Public Hearing 
The applicant is given an opportunity to present their application in detail and to provide any information requested by members of Council. Any written concerns of the public are read into the record. Any member of the public wishing to make a presentation or comment regarding the application is permitted to speak during the public hearing. 

Application for Rezoning or OCP Amendment

Brochure - OCP Amendment and Rezoning Applications

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