Planning & Land Use

Urban Planning and Land Use is the integration of the disciplines of land use planning and transport planning, to explore a very wide range of aspects of the built and social environments of urbanized municipalities and communities. 
Urban Planning and Land Use Planning are important in managing the growth of cities, applying tools like zoning to manage the uses of land, and growth management to manage the pace of development. Historically, many of the cities now thought to be most beautiful are the result of dense, long lasting systems of prohibitions and guidance about building sizes, uses and features. These allowed substantial freedoms, yet enforce styles, safety, and often materials in practical ways. 
The following are the most popular land use documents.
Cow Bay Development Permit Area

The Cow Bay Development Area was established and designed as a Special Character Area by Council in 1986, to create and preserve the unique waterfront area with mixed commercial, recreational, and industrial development.

Downtown Development Permit Area

The Prince Rupert Official Quality of Life Community Plan adopted in 2008 includes a vision for a complete community focused around a vibrant and compact core. The Guidlines were adopted by Mayor and Council in July 2009.

Community Energy and Emissions Plan

Climate action is a key priority for our community and the City of Prince Rupert are key partners in helping to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and create complete, compact and energy-efficient community. 

Official Community Plan
The Quality of Life Official Community Plan was adopted in 2008. In addition to the traditional Official Community Plan (OCP) emphasis on the physical form of land usage, the Quality of Life Official Community Plan (QLOCP) recognizes social, environmental and economic values.
Parking Study

In keeping with Council's Strategic Objectives and consideration of community values, support of business development, promoting tourism, public transit, and a vibrant downtown core, the Council established a Parking Advisory Task Force.


When a property owner wants to use land in a way that is not permitted by the zoning of his or her property, the owner must request to rezone the property to a classification which permits the desired use.

Zoning Bylaw
The new Quality of Life Official Community Plan (OCP) recommended review and update of the Zoning Bylaw. In 2009, Mayor and Council adopted the latest Zoning Bylaw.